Global Payment Management

Managing your global payments is complicated. There are no shortage of payment solutions, each with their own cost and time implications. But, with Firma on your side, directing those payment pathways doesn’t have to be frustrating.


Hands-Free Management

Your FX Specialist can manage any cross-border payment and receivable so you don’t have to.


Global Alternatives

With a variety of electronic payment methods and international banking networks, your FX Specialist can offer fast and simple solutions.


Confident Transactions

Every transaction is verified by a Firma Specialist, so you can rest assured that your global payments are secure.


Dedicated Service

Your FX Specialist is assigned to your account, and will work with you to help you develop a plan that works for you.




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What is a Global FX Specialist?

How, exactly, can a Global FX Specialist help your business? Download this free e-book and find out!
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